You simply would not belive the month I've had. My Internet connection has been all screwy - so, I've not been online as much as usual. Then, when I finally get online again, last week, for some god forsaken reason, I can't post on the webboard. It keeps telling me I'm accesing a banned page!

So. I reformat my PC. That was this morning. And now, I can get on, to Post. At last. *Sigh*

Work at JEDI has been slow - I've done my part, and now, I'm just waiting on the others to do their bit. Perhaps, eventually, they'll get it sorted

Naming no names, *coughs* Relan *coughs* ;)

Mijan's been off allot recently, so, It's also been slow in that respect. To fill my time, I've found myself taking Aikido classes. It's great fun, If a Little Hard. Sensei is a really good Guy - And I'm convinced he's a Jedi - He Practically force pushed one of the students over. He didn't even need to touch him! :)

I'm building a New Saber - Based arround a Walking pole, as I don't have access to a Lathe. It's pretty sturdy, light, and well balanced. I'm just in the process of wading out the grip - When I've finished, I'll post some pics, so watch this space :)

I was thinking about balance a few days ago. In the light of some stuff that was said at TJT. They were talking about Chaos, and Ski clopes (Don't ask ;) ) And how, avalanches are prevented by making explosions set off smaller avalanches. I don't know why I mentioned it, it just felt important. Like the Bad of Avalanches (albeit small) Is necessary to prevent larger ones, and preserve good. Without the evil, there can be no good - Balance.

On a smaller (and more twee) note, I thought about balance at home - I ate the donuts in the fridge, and so, to balance up for my eating them, I bought some more. Although, that sounds a little too twee, when I did It, I was thinking about the concept of Balance ;)

Anyhows. I gotta dash

Write Later